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Antidote : Something that counteracts an unpleasant feeling or situation; Or a remedy, cure, counteragent, solution. 

Antichrist: A complex of images and figures that represent the activity and power of evil forces that are hostile to God - the man of lawlessness will be revealed.             (biblestudytools.com 2;Thes. 2.3)




Antidote to the Antichrist is the result of more than 30 years of research, personal development and my journey with the Lord.

He has lead me on a twisting trail to uncover many of the hidden secrets our forebears hoped we wouldn't find out.

Have you been a dedicated Christian for years but you're still wondering why you're not living in the victory you've been promised?

Do you feel as though circumstances conspire against you?

There could be a family curse passed down from your ancestors that is preventing you from gaining access to all of God's blessings.

This book chronicles my journey to freedom - along the way, unlocking some of the darkest secrets of the past...

  • The Establishment of America.
  • Is Freemasonry good for your family's health and what were its origins?
  • Was Shakespeare really Shakespeare and why is there a battle between the Bible and Shakespeare in our schools?
  • Was Queen Elizabeth 1, (after whom the state of Virginia was named), actually a virgin queen?
  • The Grail Bloodline - Is it fact or fiction?
  • Who was Francis Bacon and why did he want to rule the world?
  • If you have Freemasonry in your background then these compelling revelations will give you the keys to unlock the curses over your life.

The story behind this book.

How I Discovered the Real Shakespeare

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    Hardback  ISBN:  978-1-4990-0211-9

    Softcover   ISBN: 978-1-4990-0210-2

     eBook        ISBN:  978-1-4990-0209-6

Library of Congress Control Number  2014908591

The story behind this book.

How I Discovered the Real Shakespeare