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The Story Behind History Exposed

They say history has always been told by the victors, but their version has not always been strictly true. What we hope to highlight is that not all the history we have been taught is entirely true but has been created by men who have not sought after our well-being, but only their own.  

We have created this website to try and explain what has evolved in our world over the last 400 years, and some of the causes of this evolution.

Over thirty years of research and personal revelation has led us to Francis Bacon and to who this extraordinary man really was. It was he who, in the early 1600’s, formulated plans to steer us away from believing in a Supreme Being - God - to believing that Man was supreme in his own right (mind) and that through science, Man could solve ALL problems. This is why we have a section devoted to Francis Bacon.

Francis was actually the son of Queen Elizabeth I.  She denied him his birth right, he was a State Secret and his life was enshrouded in secrecy and secrets. He wrote in code and under assumed names. He created secret societies. He even faked his own death. He was a man of many secrets! To explain this, we have a section devoted to the Secret Societies of the Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians.

As a politician and a lawyer in the Parliaments of King James I he had a major role in establishing the procedures of the two-party Westminster Parliamentary System which is followed by many countries today. Because of the power that was achieved through Freemasonry and other Secret Societies an Elite group formed that was able to control these two parties and to dictate policies for their own benefits.

‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. The people who control our politicians and our society cannot always be trusted, as in many cases, they wish only to satisfy their ego and greed, so we have a section devoted to Politics and the New World Order.

In Bacon’s time, Religion was all about Power and had little to do with Faith. Bacon used his Secret Societies for steering Man away from a faith in God and to a belief that Man can be his own god. There is a Supreme Creator of our universe who loves us, so we have included our thoughts on Finding Faith.

The media thrives on creating FEAR and because of that the world is in turmoil. External influences urge that ‘If we give the Politicians greater power, then they will be able to Save mankind’. However this belief in SELF is leading us to being overcome by Narcissists –‘people who are totally selfish and serving themselves before others. We are being invaded by Multi-national Companies, Minority Self-interest Groups and overseas countries through secrecy and corruption. In our section ‘Mind-games’ we highlight some of these issues.

The next section is to restore our HOPE and FAITH in God the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and the amazing LOVE they have for each individual. We hope that the Inspirations we have included will reveal this Love and Hope to you.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring this site and that it will be a blessing to you, your family and your friends.

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