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Unknown to most people, Sir Francis Bacon has been one of the most influential people in western society since Jesus Christ. Few people are aware of the full story of  Francis Bacon or why it has been  hidden for so long by those who have written our history.

Many of us may know that he was the father of modern science because he introduced research through recorded trial and error.

He was the editor in chief for the King James Bible.

Some may know that he was perhaps the greatest politician who ever lived having represented 3 seats in the House of Commons plus a Member of the House of Lords all concurrently. He also rose to the position of Attorney General in the Parliament of King James I.

But not many know of his royal birth as the firstborn son of Queen Elizabeth 1st, 'the Virgin Queen', which has been hidden and denied for 400 years.

His incredible literary talents as the creator of William Shakespeare have also been hidden and denied for 400 years.  

He created a new religion combining Jesus, Horus and Lucifer under the banners of Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry.

Bacon WAS the first child from the marriage of Queen Elizabeth 1st and the Earl of Leicester (Robert Dudley), but was adopted by the Bacons after being rejected by his mother. The Queen also had a second son, Robert (Earl of Essex), who was adopted by the Devereuxs.

At this time, England was split between Catholicism, ruled by the Pope in Rome and the new Anglican Church created by Henry VIII, Elizabeth’s father.

When Henry died, his son Edward acceded to the throne but died a few years later and after him, Queen Mary then reigned with her Spanish husband as Catholics.

When Mary died, the protestant parliament put Elizabeth on the throne, but because of the threat to her from Rome and Spain she chose neutrality and courted the favours of the Catholic kings of France, Spain, Portugal and Holland to keep the Pope in Rome at arm’s length. She declared herself as ‘the Virgin Queen of England’. So when Francis was born, she denied his existence in order to keep peace between England and Europe.

Francis Bacon was well educated by the Bacons and wrote his first play at the age of 12. At age 15 when he became aware of his royal birth, he was sent immediately to Europe where over time, he gained knowledge of the European Courts. He was  to be a spy for his mother but he also gathered knowledge for his plays. While in France he embraced the Renaissance in Europe and started the Rosicrucian movement. Some say that it was Dr. John Dee, the Queen's astrologist who created Rosicrucianism, but as he was one of Francis' tutors, it was possibly a joint effort.

He returned to England and set about establishing the English language as the premier language of Europe. This period is referred to as the Renaissance of English literature.

Francis formed a group of writers under the banner of 'Knights of the Helmet' after the goddess Pallas Athena, who was known as the shaker of the spear. This group added more than 20,000 new words to the English language. As his plays became more political he needed to conceal his identity. He created the name of William Shakespeare as the author and found a man called William Shaksper to pose as Shakespeare, the author reminiscent of 'Shaker of the Spear'.

Throughout his life the Queen denied him his birth right as the Prince of Wales and so he became a lawyer and a Member of Parliament while continuing to write his plays and social reformations.

Through the treachery of Robert Cecil, James VI of Scotland was appointed king and as James was aware of Bacon’s legitimate right to the throne bestowed honours and positions upon Francis, provided he swore never to have children who might lay claim to the throne. Even though he did marry, he did not have descendants. And so the House of Stuart took the throne of England from the Tudors.

Francis Bacon developed Freemasonry into its current form with the 33 degrees. It was his new religion and included Rosicrucian philosophies as well as elements of  Egyptian mythology - the gods of Horus, Osiris and  Isis, and the religion of the Druids. He wrote them to mirror the terms of Christianity, with which he was familiar, having been involved in the King James publication of the Holy Bible. Unfortunately Bacon was unaware of the gift of the Holy Spirit and so this new religion has resulted in the worship of Satan....(by another name)

He also wrote The New Atlantis, a blueprint for government which was free of religion and hereditary leadership. It was to be leadership by a group of benevolent, intelligent and ethical men believing in science and man’s own inner abilities and enlightenment. This was his dream for Freemasonry. The privileged elite, study the sciences in secret and act as an invisible government  deciding what people should & should not be told. Unfortunately, the power exercised by this secret society, corrupted the dream as well as the men involved. This elite group still secretly manipulates the  events & information of today.

He co-wrote the charters for the Virginia Company and the settlement of USA. This decreed that 50% of profits from the New Territories would go to the ‘Crown’. The Crown was actually ‘The City of London’ and not King James; however the king was a shareholder. America was to become this New Atlantis and most of the Founding Fathers and early presidents were Freemasons.  

Most Freemasons are unaware that as they worship ‘the great architect of the universe,’ they are actually worshiping Lucifer.

Bacon was finally hounded out of politics due to jealousies from his peers and retired to study the sciences and developed processes for scientific research.

He faked his own death in 1626 and hid out in Germany until his death around twenty years later.

Bacon recorded his whole life in coded documents that were deciphered and even published from the end of the nineteenth century up to the present time but because this history differs from what we have been taught it has been covered over. The clear-sighted manipulating the partially sighted.

But now the time is right, as he so many times, in his own words, has cried out for his story to be told especially at the end of his play Hamlet; ‘In your great pain, please tell my story. Let my story be told!’

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