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Francis Bacon

The Man who should have been king

The Bacon Legacy

WHY has his royal birth as the firstborn son of Queen Elizabeth 1st, been hidden and denied for 400 years?

To offer an alternative to the Church of Rome and the new Anglican Church, he created the ideology of science over faith; if it can not be proved, then it can not be accepted.

In My Own Words  by Francis Bacon

I am the son of the Queen.                                               I am Shakespeare.                                                             I published in my own name, and that of others. Spencer, Greene, Peel, Marlowe have sold me theirs,

Dr. John Dee

This book should be compulsory reading for anyone wondering why the world is the way it is.

This is essential reading.

It was he who, in the early 1600’s, formulated plans to steer us away from believing in a Supreme Being - God - to believing that Man was supreme in his own right (mind) and that through science, Man could solve ALL problems. This is why we have a section devoted to Francis Bacon. Francis was actually the son of Queen Elizabeth 1st.

Shakespeare or Shaksper ?

Bacon was amused at the similarity of William Shaksper's name to the name ‘Shakespeare’ he had created, so he paid him to change his name and pose as the author.

The KJV Bible versus The Shakespeare Folio

The 1611 King James Version of the Bible and the works of William Shakespeare that comprises the Shakespeare Folio are both the same age. Both were produced in the early 1600's and have contended with each other ever since.