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400 years ago, Francis Bacon was in his declining years. Hounded out of politics by lifetime enemies, he spent his final (public) years developing modern science and research methods until his reported death on the 4th of April 1626 which he faked and then went to live on the Continent for about another 20 years.

Now, 400 years later, what he set up has outgrown his original ideologies and is about to turn us back 400 years and return us to feudalism.

Francis Bacon saw these as the major problems of his era;    

  • Corrupt and faithless churches (power hungry)
  • Corrupt and inept government (hereditary monarchies)
  • Un-educated and illiterate populations (ignorance)



Up until the 1500-1600’s, religion was an excuse for power and there was no room for faith in a Creator. The Pope seemed to rule the world. He had the kings of Spain and Europe under his influence. King Henry VIII tried to break away but after his death, the Vatican was able to regain control of England with Queen Mary, King Henry’s heir, marrying Phillip of Spain. Queen Mary died without an heir, and Elizabeth became the new queen. She was not religious. In fact she delved into horoscopes and sorcery, but the Privy Councillors convinced her to return England back to King Henry’s form of Protestantism. She was the first British monarch to be crowned as 'Church of England', not Catholic.

With the Church offering no moral compass for society, Bacon took it upon himself to set new guidelines and to extinguish the power of Rome because of its corruption.

He created Rosicrucianism and modified Freemasonry from the rudimentary form that King James brought with him from Scotland. His dream was that men could become a god themselves by transforming through levels of enlightenment and initiations and altered states of consciousness.

In the process of doing this, it was intended that they would presumably become moral, considerate and kind to their fellow members and to society in general. This transformation was to be like the alchemist who tries to turn lead into gold. These societies had to be kept secret and Bacon was an expert at this as his whole life had been a State Secret.

This was to be the New Religion that did not worship the God who created the universe but Satan, the Great Architect of the Universe. This relates back to the Garden of Eden where Satan convinced Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of good and evil so that they could gain ALL knowledge. Satan inferred that God was trying to hide that knowledge from them, and that they could therefore not trust God.

Today, Masons continue this lie of not being able to trust God by their infiltration of the traditional churches. Novice Freemasons are encouraged to attend and even to be prominent in their local church. Many country towns have Masonic halls and churches on the same block of land.

Because Freemasonry is about doing ‘good works’ they have undermined the churches by emphasizing the Old Testament teachings of obeying rules, doing good works, and if you were perfect you would receive salvation. The teachings of Jesus are that we can receive Grace (forgiveness of sins) from God through FAITH and BELIEF in Jesus and his resurrection.

To further damage the Churches, Bacon created the ideology of science over faith; if it can not be proved, then it can not be accepted. This led to the creation of the Royal Societies which became the point of reference for scientific discovery. Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution was part of this plot to discredit the Bible, as is the Big Bang theory for the creation of the universe.



Bacon outlined his philosophy in The New Atlantis, which explored the idea of governments being free of religion and hereditary rulers – exactly what he was up against – a country where learned men of science would rule with wise conscientious decisions for the benefit of all – that these leaders could be trusted.

The New World, America, was to be this utopia. Bacon co-wrote the charters for the settlement of America so was able to instill his philosophies into the minds of those who were going to settle in and lead this new nation. This was to be confirmed when, nearly 200 years later the Founding Fathers dressed in full Masonic regalia laid the corner stone for the Capitol Building in a public ceremony.



Bacon was appalled at the state of literature when he returned from France at the age of 18. With the help of his Good Pens he created the English Renaissance, adding more than 20,000 new words to the English language. Through his Shakespeare Folio of plays and poems he demonstrated this new language to express complex emotions and theories that could be used by the commoner and the nobility. The masses were to become educated and his plays were to prove more popular in schools than the Bible.


Where did it all go wrong?

Over time, Freemasonry became a pyramid structure with a truncated top. The Rosicrucians were the Golden Capstone, being the very few but immensely powerful men at the top which became a secret government of Bankers and Lawyers who controlled the world’s money supply and made the laws to protect their interests. They now choose which politicians we are allowed to vote for.

Carl Marx studied Bacon’s theories in England before developing Marxism and socialism leading to communism in Russia and China. Communism and socialism have no room for God or Faith but rely entirely on works and government control over the 'masses'.

The secrecy that is so important to Freemasonry has created secrecy between husbands and wives, thus destroying many families.

The Bankers and Lawyers saw their world being divided between capitalism and communism and are now working together to create a One World Government. They see the Planet dying through pollution and over population and are acting to reduce the population.

The masses that are allowed to remain will be the serfs and slaves for the Elite in their grand palaces, thus winding the clock back 400 years, returning us to feudalism and leadership by the nobility.

Bacon’s ideologies will have been to no avail as God has a PLAN to save the Planet that He created and the children that He loves.

As a young man, Francis dreamed of 'the Reformation of the Whole Wide World' and now, 400 years later, his vision is crumbling.

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