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I have been in church for nearly sixty years and I am sad to say that I have seen and been on the receiving end of a lot of shabby behaviour form "the church" during that time. Unfortunately like most dysfunctional families the "children" become like their parents and mimic that behaviour.

I couldn't understand why if I was going to church I was experiencing such high levels of emotional pain so I began to cry out to the Lord for answers and solutions. He didn't fix anything as such but He began by giving me clues to the roots of the issues. He wasn't interested in the symptoms He wanted to show me the cause i.e. Matt 3:10 "And even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees…"

What He has shown me has shocked me immensely but it has made me more informed as an intercessor. What I believed to be a personal issue turns out to be an issue for the church as a whole and it goes back more than 400 years to William Shakespeare and his cohorts and King James who authorized the settlement of the United States at Jamestown.

William Shakespeare was actually the cover for a man by the name of Sir Francis Bacon who unbeknownst to most was the son of Queen Elizabeth I after whom the American state of Virginia was named. Francis Bacon aka William Shakespeare actually co-wrote the charters for the settlement at Jamestown and was a Rosicrucian (mystical Chrisitianity + large amounts of magic) and also partially responsible for the incarnation of Freemasonry from Operant to Speculative. Because he deemed he should have been king, he found a way to rule (through the ages) by different means. To me he is still profoundly influential today as are his writings.

One of his favourite verses was Ps. 25:2

"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings to search out a matter."

He has concealed much in his folio of plays and sonnets. He actually had the King James Bible for twelve months before it was published and the first edition title page was covered in Rosicrucian symbolism which was quickly removed and God did not allow him to tamper with the text. It is interesting to me now, that the Bible is not welcome in schools any more but Shakespeare's dark plays are.

I did not discover this out of interest but out of necessity. I was sinking, my children were suffering and our finances were constantly being hammered. After clue, after clue, after clue, the Lord, after eighteen years finally revealed to me that I am related to him. Queen Elizabeth I is my first cousin and I have had this poison to contend with all my life.

I don't know why the lot fell on me to discover all this however I pray that this information might help others be released from these influences and also to address what appears to be the 'elephant in the room' which is Freemasonry - and to see release come to the great nation of America. He doesn't want us to be fearful but informed so we can execute judgement on the enemy, not each other and do it with the authority that we have in His name.

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