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The world is getting smaller, knowledge is increasing at the rate of knots, and lawlessness is increasing exponentially.  Our Normal has been Shattered by the Corona Virus, and we really need a FAITH in more than what we can do by ourselves.

'The Times, They Are A-Changing', and we are being given a wake-up call.  

The Church is under attack from the un-Godly and              

Only Jesus and those with a strong ‘Born Again’ FAITH can stand against these attacks.

For many, Church has become too comfortable, a routine. They have become too familiar with God by being seeker friendly. In trying to make Him more “palatable “some churches have watered Him down to human level, which takes away from His awesomeness. In playing it safe while our nations have become UNGODLY, they are not being good ‘watchmen on the walls’ (Isaiah 62:6).

These churches appear afraid of intercessors and older believers because of their intimate knowledge of the Bible. Perhaps they are afraid that they will be picked-up for shallow preaching and faith.  The Holy Spirit is gone and praying in tongues and altar calls are frowned upon. The gifts of the Spirit are not sought after. They worship the worship leaders and create min-dustries; ministries dedicated to making money. Money has become their biggest focus and the church has been corrupted because of it. These churches have become LUKEWARM.

Let us not be like the days before Noah where the people ate and drank with no thought to the future, and God was about to pass judgment on them. Let us be hungry and on fire, to have oil in our lamps and seek Revival. To be full-on Pentecostals and to wield His sword and take control again- to Rule & Reign like King David;


Let the high praises of God be in their mouth,

And a two-edged sword in their hand,

To execute vengeance on the nations,And punishments on the peoples;

To bind their kings with chains,

And their nobles with fetters of iron;

To execute on them the written judgment—

This honour have all His saints.       Psalm 149; 6-9


Jesus came to introduce God as our loving heavenly Father, but He is still an all-consuming fire, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and super-abundantly powerful.

Hell is real! 

By bringing Him down to our level reduces His power in our lives.

  • We must Embrace Speaking in Tongues.
  • Believe for Divine Healing and expect signs, wonders, and miracles.
  • Pray and intercede for breakthroughs.
  • We must not worship the worship leaders.
  • We go to a Holy House not a performance or a rock concert.
  • Be flexible in our services and flow as the Holy Spirit directs.
  • Have a presence of His Holiness especially prior to the service.
  • Expect preaching on hell, judgment, and sin for these are real issues.
  • Cleanse the churches of Freemasonry and the secrets that go with it; address the ‘elephant in the room’.
  • Pray against the obelisks and domes and the Powers of Darkness.
  • Tear down the ‘Father’s Altars’, reject Jezebel.
  • Take a stand against un-Godly legislation and government.


The Church needs to stand up and be counted! God wants His cities and nations back. We need to prepare for the return of Christ and to preach the love of God.  Jesus is going to return for His bride, the unblemished Churches.

Strong churches make a strong society and give backbone to the nations. What we bind and loose on earth will be bound and loosed in Heaven!


Can you imagine a massive gathering of Christians marching together

through the streets and taking back the ground from the enemy.

To bind the Powers of Darkness and to see

‘the walls of unrighteousness come tumbling down'.

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