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Climate Change Fact or Fiction?

Climate Change Fact or fiction?


Climate Change is NOT Emissions Control!  In fact it has nothing to do with the climate either.

Climate Change used to be called Global Warming until the Globalists had to admit that the planet is not heating because of Greenhouse Gases but actually cooling. But why the hysteria?

There is a force behind the politicians and governments, behind the media, behind trade and big business. Some call it ‘Deep State’ some call it the ‘Global Elite’, the ‘Cabal’ or the “Illuminati’ and some just simply refer to them as ‘Banksters’.  

Ahh!. You say ‘conspiracy theory’. That is exactly what they have trained us to say, but it doesn’t make it any less real as to what they plan to do and how they are manipulating us all.

So what is their plan?

They want to ‘rule the world’ just like every evil villain in history or fiction. They are essentially narcissistic and sociopaths, meaning that they think only of themselves and have no remorse or empathy for anyone else. They are secretive, cunning, deceitful and either extremely wealthy or control extreme wealth. They acknowledge no higher authority or god and believe that they can even be transformed into gods themselves through their cleverness and own abilities.

After the Second World War (the League of Nations and then) the United Nations was formed on land donated by John D. Rockefeller. Through this enterprise, for despite its ‘humanitarian’ cover it is actually a global money making machine for an elite few as they rule the world for their own benefit.

Sounds crazy? Yes it is, but it is happening!

So Climate Change and Global Warming are all so that they could introduce a ‘Carbon Tax. And let’s be honest here; no amount of money paid by Australia or planting of trees in Australia is going to make any difference to the pollution in Europe, China and India. But as we said before, Climate Change is NOT Emissions Control!  Pollution is a problem - Climate Change is not an issue! And besides, carbon dioxide is GOOD for us as it is what the trees and the plants breathe so that they can produce oxygen for us!      

This tax is all about transference of wealth, where richer nations, like Australia are taxed and the smaller nations are rewarded (bribed) to vote in their favour. So by securing the votes of the numerous minor nations they control the voting in the UN and so the UN (which they own through support of the delegates and nations) becomes the One World Government, with no voice to oppose them, and they can hide behind this ‘reputable’ mask.

This Cabal also owns the major banks who then control all the manufacturing company shares and borrowings plus all the Reserve Banks in nearly every country. (They keep secret that they are privately owned by them.)

This is a psychological game they are playing with us. They created the idea that we are killing the planet and that now we need ‘to Save the Planet’ and the only way to do this is to have a centralized One World Government They create the FEAR; then they say that they have the answers. They can then implement unnecessary laws to increase their control and power!

Forget about the ‘science’ and the ‘statistics’ because they own the media and universities that produce their propaganda, and is all that we hear. And woe betides anyone who speaks up against them.  The evidence is completely unsustainable.  98% of Greenhouse gasses are water vapour. They quote 97% of scientists agree until you look into it and realize it’s based on the false research of a few. Fossil Fuels can now be CLEAN BURNED to avoid so-called Greenhouse Gases (another term created to create FEAR).

Climate Change is the new religion for the godless; you only need to see how fanatical they are trying to ‘save the planet’. But like all fashions, it will fade out.The alternate energy generated by wind and solar are a smoke screen and the materials used for solar panels are far more toxic than carbon.  

They can’t produce enough energy or be reliable enough for the manufacturing requirements. Their cost of production is high and maintenance is even higher which is why governments are subsidizing them so heavily. The corporations developing these systems are raking in billions from these subsidies and surprise, surprise; they are part of the Cartel pushing this agenda.

This is brainwashing on a massive scale and now they have children protesting because of the fear that they have created. But maybe the children are sensing that something cataclysmic is coming that is worse than Climate Change.  Maybe they have heard what Agenda 2030 is really about. Maybe they know that the Agenda is to reduce the world’s population by 90% over the next 10 years, and therefore there won’t be as many people around to use the power available or to produce the power by current methods because by then, robots and androids will serve their master’s needs.


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