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The Rosicrucians believe

To be all he says he will be, Lucifer, a pure spirit, must incarnate into matter and generate a living soul—and that soul, in order to achieve all that he says and to become “like the Most High” must be the soul of man—man’s own ego or spiritual identity.

To me, that seems to infer that he needs to inhabit a person—dangerous.

To the Rosicrucian, Jesus and Horus (a god the Egyptians worshipped) have the same meaning—‘the embodied light’ or ‘the ensouled light’ or ‘illumined soul’. Other descriptions are ‘the face of light’, ‘the countenance of the Lord’, even ‘the visible appearance of light’, ‘the Son of God’.  


the one who is illumined in the fullest sense possible is given the title of Christ (in the West) or Buddha (in the East),for such a soul is fully anointed or illumined by and become as one with the spiritual Light of God.

as one with Satan.

It all sounds so ethereal and benign, but it is an anathema to God. To be perfected through this process, the third eye is opened (in the centre of the forehead). It is also called the third eye of the occult. I obviously had forebears who had dabbled in these mysteries because when I became a Christian, I was plagued by spirits of divination that constantly tried to predict my future for me through palmistry, numerology, etc.— also called clairvoyance.  

These things brought me crippling fear, and I had no idea how to get free from them. I received help from a ministry team who taught me how to pray for deliverance. These spirits didn’t just go away after the first prayer. I had to persevere for quite a while before I was completely free from them.

The earliest Rosicrucians are said to have started in AD 46 by a pagan monk from Alexandria. Their identifying symbol was a red or rose cross. They believed in alchemy (hermetic philosophy), which claimed that matter is both the source of their wisdom and the salvation of their soul’s desire. In its simplest form, the transmutation of base metals (lead, mercury, etc.) into gold was the primary goal, and the attempt to bring this about was taken literally and quite seriously.

They also likened the transmutation of lead–silver–gold as a transmutation of body–soul–spirit, taking them to another level of enlightenment and becoming more divine through magic. They had the notion that an individual’s merit can only be proven in competition or measured against personal wealth.  

Ultimately, an alchemist’s goal was to become wealthy, and because of their strange beliefs that a soul could be transformed in a laboratory, they were regarded as heretics by the Catholic Church and so became secretive.

Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice’s lottery scene has Portia’s suitors choosing from three caskets in which to find her picture. The three caskets are of gold, silver, and lead referring to alchemy and Rosicrucian beliefs.

The early Rosicrucians moved from place to place, and by the late 1000s, the monks ended up in France, in the domain of Godfroi de Bouillon, the Duke of Lorraine. Godfroi was the first grand master of the Priory of Sion.

This order has the declared objective to restore the Merovingian dynasty to the thrones of Europe. John Dee and Francis Bacon after him were believed responsible for developing and refining Rosicrucian philosophy through speculative interpretation of scripture.

It became mystical Christianity.

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